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SUNFLOWER BRITTLE WITH NATURAL HONEY 20 PCS PER 50 G/ VOLYN SWEETS DSTU 4136 -2002 Caramel oriental sweets Composition: fried sunflower seeds, sugar, natural honey, corn syrop, vaniline  ...
 PEANUT BRITTLE WITH NATURAL HONEY 20 pc per 50 g/ VOLYN SWEETS DSTU 4136 - 2002 Caramel oriental sweets  Composition: fried peanut beans, sugar, natural honey, corn syrop, vaniline....

Oriental sweets

Desserts of the Caucasian, Central Asian and Arabian cuisine are known to us by the « oriental sweets » ;. Such exotic treatments are becoming more popular: they are different from the usual sweets, so buyers in their search for something new prefer it to them.

oriental sweets, buy
Oriental sweets . Traditionally, they were cooked on a New Year's table in Georgia from walnuts and honey.

There is now a large selection of fillers for this sweetie. We offer croissants from peanuts, sesame seeds or sunflower kernels. As in the classic dish, our honey is included in our bars, and in some species – dried fruit.

The flavor of sunflower kozinaku is familiar to many since childhood, so they oriental sweets to buy most often. Among those who do not eat meat are very popular peanut kozinaki - they contain a large amount of vegetable protein, whose deficiency often occurs at a similar diet. Sesame bonfires enriched with calcium, necessary to support bones and teeth. Buy different oriental sweets - a necessity for those who lead an active lifestyle. They quickly quench hunger and restore energy.

Many manufacturers offer croissants. However, our sweets differ not only in the variety of filler, but also in quality. We use only natural ingredients, and our raw materials are thoroughly tested before use. So if you want buy quality eastern sweets , then you can be sure that our products meet your requirements.

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